Grant Deadlines

Grant applications are now open and deadline has been extended to October 31, 2017. 

Grant program evaluation form deadline:  June 10, 2018 midnight

Grants Eligibility

Applications are accepted from:

  • Individual WUSD Educator or Campus
  • Group of WUSD Educators from the same or different Campuses
  • Group of WUSD Campuses
  • WUSD Administrator

Grant Types

Grants are offered in three categories. A single application form is available with a place to select the grant type. Applicants are asked to read the descriptions below to ensure that the correct type of grant is selected on the application form.  Once an application is submitted, it cannot be changed.

1. Grants to Educators

This application is designed for a project that is being implemented to serve a classroom, club, or small subset of students by a single WUSD staff member. In some instances, this application may be appropriate if two or three educators are working together and will be serving less than a grade level or project team.

2. School Site Grants

This application is designed for projects benefiting whole campus or a significant cross-section of students, such as a grade level. Given the magnitude of this type of project, it is expected that a team of educators and/or administrators will be  leading a project funded through this application.

3. District (Multiple Campus) Grants

This application is designed to encourage collaboration throughout the district. It is appropriate for use by two or more campuses that choose to work together to benefit students on each participating campus.

To be considered for an award, grant applications must be submitted by the deadline.  The size and number of awards granted each year is determined by the amount of funds available from the Windsor Educational Foundation.

Please note:  All awarded funds must be expended in accordance with the WUSD campus fund expenditure guides.  Please check with your campus or district administrator. All awarded funds must be expended by the end of the school year.

Grant Amounts

  • Grants to Educators – Funding amounts will range from $200 to $1,500, and applications require the acknowledgement of the campus principal.
  • School Site Grants – Funding amounts will range from $200 to $10,000, and applications require the approval of the campus principal.
  • District Grants – Funding will be considered on a case by case basis with no stated maximum.

Individuals making application may only submit one grant per school year, although the lead applicant may serve on a second grant as a team member.

NOTE:  Multi-campus grants from a team of educators are to be submitted to the lead applicant’s principal for approval.  They will NOT be forwarded to other principals for electronic approval; therefore, all grant team members must have informed their campus principals prior to participation in the grant application, with explanation of the concept and use of funds if awarded. Applicants may only request funding for projects which school or district resources are not available. Applicants may apply for renewal for up to two additional years to the original grant, but funding approval is not guaranteed.

Request for Renewal of Previously-Funded Grants

Previously funded grants are eligible for renewal up to a maximum of three years An applicant must be submitted annually and applicants must indicate on the grant application if they are requesting a renewal and how many years have already been funded.

Grant renewals are judged with all other grant applications and renewal funding is not guaranteed.


Questions? Please email Frank Penry and cc Katy Dillwood

Year-end evaluations from all award-winning applicants are required. Completed evaluation forms are due on June 10, 2018.