As I begin my fourth year at Brooks, I continue to be humbled by the amazing support of our parents and the community.   Superior education comes from a partnership of parents and guardians often with extended family and friends, working in tandem with the many members of the school staff to make each child’s experience positive and enriching. Brooks would not be where it is today without the wonderful donations and support of our families and other community members. This really does make all the difference!

Thank you so very much,

Kimberlee Kimes, Principal of Brooks Elementary

Funds donated will support:

Technology Growth – Within the next few years we are attempting to dramatically build access to technology within each classroom, the library, and also have funds for refurbishment.

We also are hoping to continue the support of a full time technology specialist in the Computer Lab.

Kindness Matters – Our school has an on going focus on social/emotional growth that depends on programming and assemblies for our students

Physical Education/Recess Play – Equipment is important our students and must be constantly replaced.

Field Trips, Programs, and Assemblies – A variety of experiences for our students are supported by donations. The Walk Through The American Revolution in 5th grade and Meet Explorers from the Past in 4th grade are a good example of this.

Hopes and dreams:

Library Growth – We would be thrilled to increase the hours of our Library Specialist.  Further, our book collection is in need of a huge influx of current books and other materials.

Brooks Garden – With the addition of the new building, we will be creating a new experience for our students – a garden area.  We would love to enhance this program with planter boxes, benches and other needed materials.