Mattie Washburn Elementary

The staff at Mattie appreciate all of the wonderful things that the WE Foundation has provided for us over the years. Their dedication to the children in Windsor is without compare. They are always willing to step in and help out with any project or event. They have provided Mattie with an incredible sound system for our gym, class supplies, reward events, special assemblies and field trips,, peaceful playground supplies, play equipment, special PE classes, supported our volunteer daycare, improved the technology for the classrooms and have always given us their energy and excitement for our school! We look forward to another amazing year and know that this next year will be the best yet!!

– Benita Jones, Mattie Washburn Principal

Funds donated will support:

Technology – We have really embraced technology at Mattie with our students using it in some form most days. The introduction of IPads has really provided students with hands on learning the is fun and interactive. We would love to increase the number of IPads and Chromebooks we have here at Mattie in order to increase our students knowledge and proficiency with technology. And would like to add flat screen monitors to classrooms for better presentations.

Supplies – Being a primary school, we go through a lot of classroom supplies! Teachers are always in need of more things to support the rich and hands on curriculum that they use with their students. It is also a welcome thing for teachers to receive some additional funds in order to have the things that they need to keep their lessons fun for students.

Volunteer Daycare – For the last 25 plus years, Mattie Washburn has provided a Volunteer Daycare for parents so that they can comfortably volunteer in their child’s classroom while their younger children have a safe and fun place to stay. This frees them up to support their school age child without worrying about what to do with their younger child.