North County Consortium

North County Consortium is comprised of seven school districts in the north county. We provide services to students with moderate to severe disabilities ages 3 (preschool) to 22 (transition age). We work to provide them with the tools they need to be active, independent, and healthy individuals and community members.
Our staff bring students into the community regularly as well as provide them with the supports they need to grow individually.

This will be our first year involved with the WE Foundation’s Project H.E.R.O. and we are very excited to participate in all the activities.

– Vicki Long, North County Consortium Principal

Funds donated will support:

Special Olympics: Our middle school and high school students participate in the Special Olympics held in Santa Rosa every year. This opportunity teaches them the skills of being part of a team, physical fitness, dedication, and success.

Bowling: Students participate in monthly outings to the bowling alley. This activity gives the students the opportunity to experience leisure activities with their peers, access, pedestrian safety, and social skills.

Technology: Communication is a primary learning goal for our students and with the help of technology many of our students are able to communicate effectively. With the support of Project H.E.R.O., we may be able to provide continued and increase support for students who need assistive technology to make their needs and wants known.

Supplies: Because we are a functional-skills based program, our teachers and students are out shopping all the time! Cooking is a primary part of the program teaching students to list, shop, purchase, follow recipes and cook meals gives them the tools they need to live independently. H.E.R.O. funds will go to support these learning activities.

Family Information Nights:  We would like to provide our families with information on resources, conservatorship, housing, legal aide, and many other topics related to caring for children with disabilities.  Through outside agencies such as Civil Rights Advocates, North Bay Regional Center, Early Start Programs, and Behavioral Therapy programs we can provide much needed information to families to assist with child development, behavioral strategies in the home and community, parent and student rights, and many other topics necessary for students and families.

We are just in our beginning stage of partnering with WE Foundation and we are very excited to be a part of this growing and expanding community.