Windsor Creek Elementary

Project H.E.R.O. was highly successful last year earning over $26,000 for WCE. My goal is to exceed that amount this year, with your help I know that we can meet this goal for our students.

– Julie Stearn, Windsor Creek Principal

Funds donated will support:

PE Program – Studies have shown that physical activity improves kids’ fitness, lowers their risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes and helps build strong bones and muscles. Children who are more active have greater attention spans and better academic performance. In California it is mandated that students need to receive 200 minutes of physical activity within a 10 day span. With a fantastic PE teacher, such as Mr. B, we can help students get the physical activity that is needed to help WCE students lead a healthier day.

Music Program – Mrs. Cullen, our superb music teacher, is a certificated teacher within our district. She teaches at WMS, as well as Cali. We are fortunate that she has offered to teach music at WCE if the funds are available. She teaches all 2nd graders how to read music, how to use their voice in the correct way and to sing beautiful songs. All 3rd graders receive instruction in reading music and they will all learn how to play the recorder.

Student Recognition – WCE is a school that believes in the recognition of all students for positive things accomplished throughout the year. From Reading Counts, Math Accomplishments, to Positive Principal/Teacher Referrals. Students need to be recognized for their accomplishments and successes.

Technology – Our goal at WCE is to have a device available to every student throughout their day. Last year we were able to purchase 3 carts of chrome books that rotated through all 3rd grade classrooms.

Supplies – The HERO funds also help to purchase all recorders for 3rd graders, new instruments for the students to explore, PE equipment.

I want to thank all of the families and businesses in advance that are donating toward this amazing program. All money that is donated to WCE comes directly back to our school to invest in our students from having a PE Teacher, Music Teacher, Student Recognition to more Technology in each classroom.