Windsor Middle School

WE Foundation welcomes Brian Williams as the new principal at Windsor Middle School!

Funds donated will support:

Science and Technology:  Every year our school sends as many sixth graders as possible to the Sixth Grade Science Camp.  Your donations will provide scholarships to sixth graders in order to lower the cost for all students.

Library Growth: The Windsor Middle School Library is set to be updated in order to meet the needs of 21st century learners.  Your donations will help the school create a space for students including a high school/college/career center, counseling center, ASB Student Store, Student Lounge, and access to computers and other resources.

Within the new center, we would like to create a Makers Space for students to explore concepts such as 3D design, vector based graphics, robotics, engineering, and digital media.

English Language Arts: Every year students read a series of novels; however, unless students purchase their own novels, they are not able to take notes or take the novels home.  We would like to raise funds to provide novels for every student in order to best prepare them for high school and college.